3.1. Week 1: Know yourself

1. Read Chapter Five "Waking Up to the Autopilot"

When reading this chapter, note something that strikes you, a query, idea or inspiration.

2. Next, start Meditation One: Mindfulness of Body and Breath

3. Try the Raisin Meditation detailed in Chapter Five

You will take in all the sensations including sight, smell and taste while noticing thoughts and urges to bite as you hold the raisin on your tongue for 30 seconds.

4. Finally, try practising mindful living

  • Discover when you are on "autopilot"

    • How may this help? i.e. needs it may meet

    • How does it not help? I.e. needs it may not meet

  • Choose a daily activity, such as brushing your teeth, and do it everyday - mindfully!

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